About our Company.

Passion Security Services UK Ltd specialises in the provisioning of professional security officers to individuals, national and multinational organizations across different areas of security, throughout United Kingdom.

Passion Security Services UK Ltd builds its reputation based on our high calibre of security officers. We strive to become the leading independent security provider. With few years of security sector experience, we identify our customers’ requirements, and utilise our technical expertise to advise customers accordingly.

Mission Statement

"To provide our customers with a professional, reliable and cost effective service that gives all stakeholders total reassurance and confidence at all times"
"To Protect the Public"

  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of our staff, providing a working environment that encourages collaboration, self-improvement, teamwork and contentment.

  • To provide our customers with well trained, professional and motivated staff.

  • To ensure the overriding protection of the public in all of our actions and activities.

  • To promote honesty, transparency, respect, fairness and integrity in all our endeavours, with all our stakeholders.

  • To listen to our customers, staff and other stakeholders to ensure that we never take anything for granted.


Our goal is to provide quality services to people all around in UK which is reliable and comfortable.Focus on the attain maximum satisfaction of our customers by providing them quality security services.



Our Vision is to provide high quality standard services along with cost effective security solutions. Our officers are brand ambassadors of our services and we are always proud of building and maintaining a relationship of trust and integrity, while providing quality services.